Pi Beta Phi

Texas Christian University TX DELTA

Chapter Leadership

2018 Executive Council 

Chapter President- Casey Handwerger

Hometown: Severna Park, Maryland
Major: Strategic Communication
Grade: Senior
"Pi Beta Phi is a home away from home. Starting at TCU, I didn't know anyone else, but Pi Phi welcomed me in, and I have truly made friends for life. More than that, Pi Phi has given me amazing leadership experiences that have helped me grow in every area of my life."

VP Administration- Kayla Seaman
Major: Nursing
Hometown: Danville, California
Grade: Junior
"I love Pi Phi because of all of the amazing friendships and support system I have found in this chapter. I am truly grateful for all of the laughs and adventures I have shared with these girls, and can't wait for many more!"

Vp Member Development- Anne Wright 

Hometown: Keller, Texas

Major: Finance

Grade: Junior

"My job as Vice President of Member Development is to ensure that everyone is supported and informed of the opportunities pi phi offers from academics to scholarships through fraternity and support programming. The goal is to give our members the very best opportunity they can have both in college and after college."

VP Fraternity Development- Ashleigh Mitchell
Hometown: Bellevue, Washington
Major: Early Childhood Education
Grade: Junior 
"I love our chapter because it has brought me some of my best friends and has allowed me to grow through leadership opportunities, such as being Vice President of Fraternity Development. I love my position in the chapter because it allows me to get to know the incoming pledge class!"

VP Membership- Taylor Tierney

Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona

Major: Finance and Entrepreneurial Management
Grade: Junior

"Pi Phi has given me lifelong sincere friends, a constant support system, and endless amounts of laughter. Every girl in this chapter is so welcoming and down to earth. They made the transition into college so easy and continually challenge me to exceed my goals. Exec and various committee opportunities have given me a chance to serve the chapter to the best of my ability and learn leadership skills I will use the rest of my life."

VP Communications- Shelby Kitson
Hometown: Anthem, Arizona
Major: Journalism
Minor: Spanish
Grade: Senior

"I chose Pi Phi because when I first walked in the room during recruitment, I knew I could be myself. I have made life long friendships with my Pi Phi sisters and I wouldn't want to have it any other way. Being on Exec has taught me how to be a positive leader and mentor to my peers during their time as a Pi Phi."

VP Finance- Nina Wuertz

Hometown: Barrington, Illinois 

Major: Accounting

Grade: Junior
"I love Pi Phi because it has given me my best friends and future bridesmaids and such amazing leadership opportunities. Pi Phi is unlike any other sorority because our wonderfully high energy level and an atmosphere that encourages a girl to be herself."

VP Philanthropy- Katie Mattson

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Major: Strategic Communication
Minor: Spanish
Grade: Senior
"By choosing Pi Phi, I've gained a support system of lovely, wonderful girls who are with me every step of the way. As a transfer student, I was welcomed with open arms to Texas Delta. I chose to be on the Executive Board as VP of Philanthropy because I have always held volunteerism close to my heart. I never knew how much I would benefit from my sisters and this position."

VP Event Planning- Chase RasorHometown: Scottsdale, Arizona
Major: Criminal Justice
Minor: Psychology and Sociology 

Grade: Junior
"Going Pi Phi has been the best decision I could have made. The sincere friendships I have developed within this chapter mean the world to me. The girls are the most real, funny, and caring individuals I have ever met. Being able to serve on Pi Phi’s exec has been an amazing opportunity for me to give back to my chapter all that I have gained from it. I have learned amazing leadership skills that I will continue to use long into my adult life, and it’s all thanks to Pi Phi."

VP Housing- Amanda BootsHometown: Agoura Hills, California
Major: Business 
Grade: Junior
"I have found great joy and created countless new friendships from living in the house. The Pi Phi house is a comfortable place to live and call home. Whether it is late night karaoke and pizza in the chapter room or dance party study breaks in  the study rooms our girls are always enjoying each other’s company. Meaningful relationships are formed within these walls that tend to set us apart from other chapters. If I have learned one thing from being in this chapter is that we have a genuine sisterhood and it is visible from the moment you step into our doors."

New Member Coordinator- Sydney Fitzgibbon

Hometown: Plano TX

Major: Art History & French

Grade: Junior 

"My experience at Pi Phi was strongly shaped by my interactions with older girls in my first semester at TCU. I truly found friends in those who originally were my mentors, from my Big to older girls in my department's classes. When I was given the chance to return this favor to younger pledge classes- I couldn't think of any reason not to. I'm hopeful by serving on exec as the New Member Coordinator I can in turn be the helping hands and kind faces that I found through Pi Phi my freshman year."

Alumnae Advisory Council 

AAC Chairman: Pamela Gilchrist

Alma Matter: TCU- Texas Delta

"I love helping the women of Texas Delta grow their leadership skills and challenge themselves to be better members of our community"

AAC Administration Advisor: Nicole Epley

Alma Matter: TCU- Texas Delta

AAC Member Development Advisor: Jennifer Slightom- Jones 

Alma Matter: TCU-Texas Delta

"I love that Texas Delta consists of women from all over the country and we have so many parts of the U.S. represented in one chapter!"

AAC Fraternity Development Advisor: Melissa Foy

Alma Matter: University of Oklahoma- Oklahoma Alpha

"I love the energy and spirit of the Texas Delta women; they're so fun"

AAC Membership Advisor: Angie Herdman

Alma Matter: Baylor University- Texas Zeta

"The Texas Delta chapter will change the world through their passion, energy and commitment to sisterhood."

AAC Communications Advisor: Rebekah Byrne

Alma Matter: TCU- Texas Delta

AAC Finance Advisor: Teresa Phillips

Alma Matter: Texas Tech- Texas Gamma

"My older sister is a Texas Delta, so the chapter has always had a special place in my heart since it was my first real intro to sorority life."

AAC Philanthropy Advisor: Catherine Viola

Alma Matter: Villanova University- Pennsylvania Theta 

"I love this chapter's school spirit for the Horned Frogs!"

AAC Event Planning Advisor: Annie Burnes
Alma Matter: TCU- Texas Delta

AAC Housing Advisor: Karee Huggins
Alma Matter: Baylor University- Texas Zeta
"My favorite thing about Texas Delta is there is So. Much. Personality!"

AAC New Member Coordinator Advisor: Peyton Salavarria

Alma Matter: University of Oklahoma- Oklahoma Alpha

"I love getting to know the Texas Delta chapter because while each chapter is unique, we are all bonded by the wine and blue."